How Low will the Liberal Party go to win government

Posted on August 1, 2010


Libs: Kevin 007 was our ‘double agent’

You may have noticed today this article which was on the front page of the Daily Telegraph which Mr Rudd has totally denied;

Last night, Mr Rudd told The Sunday Telegraph from his hospital bed, where he was recovering from surgery: “Mr Downer’s allegations … are completely and utterly false.

In a attempt for the Daily Telegraph to cover their tracks they have released the full transcript of the allenged conversation with Alexander Downer and Claire Harvey and AAP.

THE Sunday Telegraph has released a transcript of Alexander Downer’s revelations that he used Kevin Rudd to leak damaging information against his own party. Sourced Daily Telegraph

Click here to read the transcript

As I was reading the transcript one section stood out to me

The Sunday Telegraph telephoned Mr Downer and sent him a text message on Saturday July 31, reminding him that the story was to be published on Sunday August 1, and asking if he had specific details of stories he had used Mr Rudd to leak against Mr Brereton.

Mr Downer simply replied: “Just general.” Sourced : Daily Telegraph

Read it for your self and make up your own mind, but it seems to me that it is just another low act by the Liberal Party to try to get in to power What ever it takes