Get this ad on the air – Getup! Tony Abbott Uncensored

Posted on August 3, 2010


Over $47,000 so far more needed donate now and make sure all Australia’s are aware what Tony Abbott is all about

Women are being shamefully overlooked in this election by politicians and the media. The turn of female voters away from Tony Abbott is being dismissed as a turn towards Julia Gillard’s gender, while Tony Abbott’s archaic and indefensible views on issues affecting women go unexamined and unchallenged.

That all ends today. Watch our new video from GetUp women, putting Tony’s words on the record for all Australians to see:

Politicians from all sides are mistakenly assuming that women will simply vote along gender lines. It’s beyond condescending, but it also misses the point: political leadership is about so much more. It’s about where you stand, who you respect, and what you’ll do from a position of power.

It’s time to get to the truth. Women and men alike will be shocked by the quotes in this video, each and every line expressed by Tony Abbott himself. See for yourself now, and help put the message on air: