We lose NBN, you lose our vote poll tells Abbott

Posted on August 3, 2010


The Liberal-National Coalition could well lose a significant proportion of the all-important swinging voters unless it modifies its plans to scrap the NBN. That appears to be the message of new poll which may be the kick in the backside that the Federal Opposition needs to perform a necessary policy backflip.

The Tony Abbott led Opposition has been clear about its NBN scrap plans for weeks and keeps doing well in opinion polls regardless. However, the Gillard Labour Government has run an exceptionally poor election campaign and extraordinarily still has not put the NBN front and centre, given that it is a $43 billion nation building project that will provide a massive economic stimulus, including thousands of jobs.

According to a poll from online broadband comparison siteCompare Broadband, 88% of respondents said the National Broadband Network (NBN) would affect which party they voted for in the upcoming election.

The National Broadband Network could be a significant vote winner for Labor, with 62% of respondents to an online survey admitting the scheme would influence their vote in favour of the government.

When asked the question, ‘Is the Liberals’ plan to scrap the $43 billion NBN influencing who you vote for?’ 62% of the 604 voters (an admittedly small sample) said, ‘No – I disagree with the Liberals, the NBN should be kept.’ 26% said, ‘Yes – I agree with the Liberals, the NBN should be scrapped’, while only 12% felt the issue, ‘doesn’t influence me either way.’

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Sourced : http://www.itwire.com/it-policy-news/government-tech-policy/40853-we-lose-nbn-you-lose-our-vote-poll-tells-abbott