Public pays for anti-Abbott TV ad “Getup!”

Posted on August 10, 2010


Anti-Abbott campaigners have donated more than $300,000 to broadcast ads featuring female voices quoting Opposition Leader Tony Abbott on abortion and the role of women, activist group GetUp says.

The group says it has seen a surge in donations as the election creeps closer, with nearly $100,000 donated on Monday alone.

The TV ad, entirely funded by public donations, will play during prime time, with a particular focus on reaching marginal seats in Queensland and Western Australia.

It has also been adapted for FM radio.

GetUp national director Simon Sheikh says Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has himself said that politicians will be judged on everything they say.

“Australian women are judging his comments and they’re justifiably concerned about the stance he would take on issues like abortion and women’s health were he prime minister,” Mr Sheikh said in a statement on Tuesday.

“From counselling against the vaccination for cervical cancer as health minister, to calling abortion a matter of a woman’s “convenience”, Tony Abbott has consistently taken stands that show a lack of respect for issues that affect Australian women and matter to them most.”

More than 7,200 Australians have donated money to put the ads on air, with an average donation of $42.