John Howard (Liberal Party) would have stuck with ETS, claims Malcolm Turbull

Posted on August 12, 2010


AUSTRALIA would probably have had an emissions trading scheme if the Liberals had won the 2007 election, according to Liberal backbencher Malcolm Turnbull, who says he sees the irony in the situation.

Both major parties went to that election promising to introduce an ETS to tackle climate change.

The Liberals ditched the plan when Tony Abbott took over as leader, while Labor has delayed its ETS and is yet to fully commit to it.

Mr Turnbull, who as Liberal leader supported an ETS, indicated he believed former prime minister John Howard would have stood by his election promise if he had won in 2007.

“If John Howard had won the 2007 election we’d probably have an emissions trading scheme,” Mr Turnbull told ABC Television.

“Full of ironies, all this.”

Mr Turnbull criticised former prime minister Kevin Rudd’s move to delay the ETS, saying it made him seem “hollow” and to have “no heart”, so his support crashed.