Posted on August 20, 2010


1. Tony Abbott claims that his religious views will not affect the policies he put into place in government. Yet, as health minister he blocked the introduction of RU486, a drug which would allow women to have non-surgical abortions. He claimed that it had a “higher rate of adverse events” to justify the ban, a claim directly countered by the Australian Medical Association who said that the drug was blocked for political reasons. It took a rebellion in his own party which saw a bill introduced and passed to take away his right as health minister to block the drug.

2. Tony Abbott can not be trusted to tell the truth. In an interview earlier this year he admitted to Kerry O’Brien that not everything he says should be taken as the “gospel truth“, unless it is pre-scripted.

He has prior form on this issue, when he lied about having met Cardinal Pell in the lead-up to the 2004 election. Tony Jones asked whether he had met the Cardinal during the election, and he responded with a blatant lie. Watch for the death stare at the conclusion of the interview.

3. He wants to cut $1.1 billion from the pharmaceutical benefits scheme, which will either raise the cost of medicines, or see some medicines not subsidised by the government. At the last election, he had the gall to brand a dying man – Bernie Banton – not “true of heart” as he was pleading with Tony to add a new drug to treat mesothelioma to the PBS

4. When Tony Abbott was 20 years old he was charged with indecent assault, having been accused of touching a young woman’s upper leg when she was going up to the podium to give a speech. He was later acquitted over lack of evidence, however there are still questions over what exactly happened.

Helen Elizabeth Wilson, whose age was given as 29, a former student teacher, claimed she was assaulted in October 1977 when she was addressing students at Ku-ring-gai College of Advanced Education in a debate about whether the college should withdraw from the Australian Union of Students (AUS).

She told the North Sydney court that someone had called out: “Why don’t you smile, honey?” Then a youth had touched her on the upper part of her leg.

Mr Abbott, then 20, pleaded not guilty.

The Daily Telegraph report said: “Miss Wilson said as she approached the microphone . . . two youths moved up behind her.

“She said: ‘I had just commenced speaking when I felt a hand between my legs on my lower buttocks. I was wearing jeans. I jumped back, turned around, and saw Tony Abbott laughing about two feet away. The people in the audience began laughing and jeering’, Miss Wilson said.”

5. He said “I probably feel a bit threatened (by homosexuality), as so many people do.” as recently as in March of this year. In fact, he went on to say that homosexuality challenges “the right order of things”.

6. Tony Abbott has said that “the phrase Workchoices is dead, buried, cremated”, but he said nothing about the policies that entails. In fact, he believes that it was good for wages, jobs and workers.

7. Tony Abbott thinks that we have no need for the national broadband network. The industry has being crying out for the government to take the lead here. Telstra’s copper network is on death’s door and we need a permanent replacement. Wireless is unreliable and is simply not capable of sustaining our future needs, which will grow exponentially as new technologies and services come out. For our future economic prosperity we need an optical fibre network. This is recognised as being the most future-proof technology out there, with estimates for its longevity at 50 years plus. Article on this available here.

8. Tony Abbott claims that he will introduce a generous parental leave scheme. He has, in the past, said that the introduction of paid parental leave would be over his government’s dead body. Big business is opposed to it, and it is most unlikely that he will actually deliver on this promise. Do not be surprised if this is dumped as a “non-core” promise.

9. He thinks climate change is “absolute crap”. Need I say more.

10. He claims to be strenuously opposed to Labor’s stimulus package which helped prop up the economy during the great financial crisis. Yet, he fell asleep and missed the vote, drunk from partying the night before! Talk about an irresponsible man, not fit for government.

In conclusion, he is undoubtedly one of the most backward looking and conservative leaders the Liberal party has ever presented to the Australian people. It’s also just been revealed that he plans to cut $1.5 billion more from education, in addition to another $3 billion already announced. We need a skilled workforce to be able to compete with the global economy. He will forsake our future economic prosperity in favour of free market ideals. I’ll leave the final word to Paul Keating.

Sourced : http://dailybludge.com.au/2010/08/10-reasons-not-to-vote-for-tony-abbott/