Posted on January 29, 2011


Yes Australia it has arrived but under a new name “Menzies House”

Founded in January 2010, Menzies House is the leading Australian community for conservative, centre-right and libertarian thinkers and activists.

In fitting with Sir Robert Menzies’ ideals as the founder of the ‘broad church’ that became the Liberal Party of Australia, Menzies House publishes a wide spectrum of views and opinions from within Australia and around the world.

Menzies House is not affiliated with any particular political party. Having said that, our ‘broad church’ does not go as far as including socialism but instead supports the mainstream concepts of freedom, individuality and capitalism.

Run by volunteer editors, Menzies House is a not-for-profit website that relies primarily on the support of our generous donors to remain open.

The editorial team blog regularly on Menzies House and the website is updated daily.” (Sourced

But it all started to come to light when this article was written in the Australian about a Liberal behind the website that now has come under public outrage

Cory Bernardi admits to providing web hosting and domain name for

THE Liberal senator sacked from Malcolm Turnbull’s front bench for online comments about a colleague risks courting controversy again with the web.

South Australian Cory Bernardi, now parliamentary secretary assisting Tony Abbott, admitted to The Australian yesterday he had provided web hosting and a domain name for a new political website,

Five days before it opens for business, Menzies House is already billing itself as “the No 1 Australian site for conservative, centre-right and libertarian thinkers and activists”.

It provides no details of who is behind the site, but its motto reads: “There’s room for everyone.”

The claim has provoked derision from some of the Right warrior’s parliamentary colleagues.

“There won’t be room for everyone if Cory’s pulling the strings,” one joked to The Australian.

Senator Bernardi insisted he would be “absolutely removed” from editorial decisions. “I thought this was an excellent idea because there is not a single area on the internet . . . where those who are Liberal supporters can gather, debate, discuss,” he said yesterday.

“I’ve been dealing with the editors but it’s all their baby now.”

But one of those editors is a member of Senator Bernardi’s own staff, Chris Browne. Another is Tim Andrews, the former president of the Australian Liberal Students Association, a grouping that traditionally backs the party’s Right.

Senator Bernardi told The Australian he had emailed his parliamentary colleagues last week to promote the site and ask for contributions.

Senator Bernardi was sacked from the front bench last year for refusing to retract claims made online that one of his colleagues, believed to be his fellow South Australian and factional rival Christopher Pyne, had told him during a golf game: “I live in a Liberal seat so I had to be a member of the Liberal Party to get into parliament. If I lived in a Labor seat I would have joined the Labor Party.”

Independent but party-aligned websites are becoming increasingly powerful around the world as leaders’ offices tighten their grips on parliamentarians and party machines.

British political commentators have claimed the five-year-old Conservative Home website has supplanted the London Daily Telegraph newspaper as the in-house journal of the Conservative Party. (Sourced

But it doesn’t stop at this website it now has moved to STOP THE LEVY Website that has been created by the founders of the .

This right-wing American style of politics needs to be shut down in Australia and only you the public can stop it