News Limited Are Continuing the Conservative attack on the Labor Government

Posted on January 31, 2011


You may have noticed the story that was printed in the Age news paper on the weekend about Tony Windsor attacking Tony Abbott on the flood levy.

“Independent lashes Abbott on flood levy”

“RURAL independent Tony Windsor has lashed out at Tony Abbott, accusing him of playing a ”petty … game” with the tragic circumstances of flood victims and trying to use them as a ”skateboard to government”.

Well since this story broke over the weekend I had checked every single publication owned by News Limited which included Sky News and NOT ONE was telling the story, So I went the next step and contacted every single editor about this and NOT ONE responded to our calls NOT ONE.

The only Publications that picked up this story was ABC  – NEWS 24 and all Fairfax News Papers.

And once again today all News Limited papers have started the attack on the labor government levy calling it the new TAX.

News Limited is owned by the Murdock Family which has the reputation around the world of Biased reporting and only covering the Liberal/Conservatives views.

As Julia Gillard said during the last election campaign The Australian which is owned by News Limited needs to report on facts instead of putting opinion story’s on its front pages. NEWS LIMITED WILL NOT STOP UNTIL WE HAVE A LIBERAL GOVERNMENT until then we have to put up with very RIGHT WING conservative biased reporting.

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“This year, Murdoch’s Daily Telegraph published an editorial advocating the election of an Abbott government, starting on the front page and running over the next two. It is not only Labor sympathisers who thought the editorial views of the Telegraph and The Australian informed the papers’ selective news priorities and the framing of their coverage.”


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