Abbott puts foot in mouth over levy – Dont pay a levy Pay US

Posted on February 2, 2011


TONY Abbott does not want you to pay to rebuild Queensland but thinks you may want to help the Liberals.

In an insensitive move as flood victims continue the long painful process of recovery, Mr Abbott yesterday sent out an online letter to subscribers, slamming the Government’s proposed levy – even though 60 per cent of taxpayers would pay less than a dollar a week for the 12 months of its operation – but inviting donations to the Liberal Party.

“The devastation wrecked (sic) by the floods across our nation brought out the best of the Australian character,” the letter began promisingly.

“The task now ahead is to repair and rebuild … Australian families and businesses should not have to endure another new tax on top of the mining tax and carbon tax that the Gillard Government intends to introduce in 2011.

“The Coalition has offered to sit down with the Prime Minister in the spirit of bipartisanship and in the national interest to come up with the additional $1.8 billion in savings needed to pay what’s necessary without the new tax.

“Hardworking Australians, struggling to meet their own budgets, deserve nothing less.”

The letter is signed Tony Abbott, under which it says: “PS. Click (here) to donate to help our campaign against Labor’s flood tax.”

Last night a spokesman for Mr Abbott said the request was standard for party newsletters.

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