Liberals want Tony Abbott to step down

Posted on February 4, 2011


There is a rumor mill coming out of the Liberal HQ today that a lot of Liberal MPS are calling for Abbott to step down as local support for Abbott is dropping.

But muttered criticism of the Opposition Leader is starting to be heard. “He could be our Kim Beazley,” is a comment that sums up emerging concern in the ranks.

“If Tony is not in front after the dreadful summer Julia Gillard has had, questions will start to be asked,” one Liberal pollie said yesterday.

A speech by Andrew Robb to a Young Liberal convention last Sunday started tongues wagging, though.

Titled “Restoring Australia’s Resilience – Playing to our Strengths”, it was much broader than would normally be expected of a speech by a shadow finance minister.

In this context, there is talk of “the need for an option if Tony doesn’t get it together”.

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So only time will tell now when this leadership challenge will happen but question time starts next week and If Abbott starts his negative stance he will loose his job