Tim Andrews questions the recent rash of left-wing activists calling for Tony Abbott’s resignation

Posted on February 5, 2011


Tim Andrews from Menzies House . com .au has questioned why the left are calling for Tony Abbott to resign !!! but the funny thing about our article that he makes mention to was sourced from News limited which is more Right – Conservative leaning then say the ABC or Fairfax which have NOT picked up the story.

Also may I point out that its not the LEFT that a calling for Abbott to resign it is his own party members which have contacted News limited over the weekend to vent there anger against Mr Abbott.

Tim also makes a mention to the recent Morgan Poll which has been released which shows that Abbott’s approval rating has fallen to 36% – 3% and Gillard’s Approval rating has risen to 49% – 3%.

But just for fun have a read of what Tim Andrews had to say about our recent article

Why Tony Abbott Should Remain Leader Of The Libs


Tim Andrews questions the recent rash of left-wing activists calling for Tony Abbott’s resignation, and argues that if the hard-left want Tony to go, then he must be doing something right:

I like reading far-left writers. Most of my closes Australian friends would identify as part of the radical left, and, whilst I obviously disagree with them politically, it is always of interest to read their thoughts.

As such, in my attempts to keep up with what my left-wing friends (or ought i use the term comrades?) are saying, I noticed today that the left blogosphere is calling for Tony Abbott to be removed from his position as Leader of the Opposition, ostensibly on the basis of the most resent Morgan Poll. So, as much as on a personal level I may like them, it is certainly … interesting … to know that the socialists and Marxists care so much about the Liberal Party as to be in a position to advise them on their leader.

Now, I think it is not exactly a secret that I have had my differences with Mr. Abbott. His position on federalism, and his support for taxpayer funded maternity schemes, are just two examples of policies where I have rather bitterly disagreed with him; his ideological strain of conservatism is far too big-government for my own personal taste.

With that being said, however, no-one can deny that Mr. Abbott brought the Liberal Party back from the electoral abyss, from a position where they were facing annihilation, and to within a whisker of winning the last Federal election – something no political analyst had ever thought possible.

With Mr. Abbot resurrecting the Liberal vote, to the extent whereby polls now show the Liberals set to win government if an election was called today, it seems rather … odd… that there are calls for his replacement.

So, let us look deeper into this “poll” that says he should be replaced. The Morgan poll used by the anti-Abbott forces uses this line to bolster their claim “Amongst all electors Opposition Leader Tony Abbott (24%, down 1%) trails both former Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull (28%, down 3%) and Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey (25%, up 4%) as preferred Liberal Leader”

A sound argument for removing Mr. Abbott from leadership, you might think.  And the line the left have been spinning.

Which is a nice try, however, one that, even if you were to be generous, can only be called misleading.

Why? Because it misses the rest of the sentence. Allow me to quote the rest of the polling report: “this is because of Turnbull’s strong support amongst ALP voters (40% cf. 19% for Abbott). Amongst his constituents, Liberal voters clearly prefer Abbott (36%) than Hockey (26%) or Turnbull (20%) as Liberal Party Leader”

So, Labor Party voters want Malcolm Turnbull to be leader. That’s nice of them. I thank them so much for their concern. Really, thank you Labor!

However, if you don’t mind my saying so, the fact that Labor voters don’t like Tony is a sign that he is doing something right!

The Liberal Party is there to support Liberal principles, not to pander to the left. In poll after poll after poll the Australian people have shown that they support conservative governments; it is not a matter of serious dispute that only reason Rudd and Gillard won elections were bypromising to govern as conservatives (promises they rather rapidly broke).

So why should the parliamentary wing of the Liberal Party now seek to replace a leader, who has had unprecedented success (specifically, presiding over the greatest electoral comeback by any Party in over 50 years)? It would seem the only reason proposed is that the hard-left are scared that Tony’s message in opposing tax hike after tax hike after tax hike is resonating.

Now, readers here know me well enough to know that my ideology clashes with Tony at many points. And that there is no way I could possibly be called an Abbot groupie.

Still, when we look at the Liberal field, and compare Tony to the tax-hike obsessed Turnbull (cap&tax, huge tax hikes on smokers etc), or theeconomically illiterate Joe Hockey (who I personally really like, and who makes for great TV, but seriously, how many portfolios has he failed in now? The Tourism demotion, the Finance debacle, the Workplace Relations joke…) , if you were a member of the parliamentary wing of the Liberal Party, without doubt, Tony is your best shot at  winning the next election.

So to all the wavering Liberals out there, who looked at today’s poll, and worried, what you need think about is simple: are you really going to take your cue from ALP voters, or will you d owhat is good for Australia?

Tim Andrews is the Managing Editor of Menzies House. Tim Andrews graduated from the University of Sydney with undergraduate degrees in Economics, Law, and a Master of Public Policy. From 2006-2008 he served as Federal President of the Australian Liberal Students’ Federation, and since then, has worked built a career analysing the effects of fiscal policy and tax hikes on families. His personal blog may be found at The Musings of an Australian  Classical Liberal in Washington DC.

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