The UN-Australian Newspaper AKA The Australian Attack

Posted on February 6, 2011


Dennis Shanahan, Political editor At The Australian today has written an opinion peace which has been placed on The Australian Website on the top of the website which mainly factual articles should be !!! is now saying that Gillard will DUMP the NBN ‘ wishful thinking Dennis ‘

As the Media over the weekend are moving to show that there is tension with in Abbotts team wanting him to be rolled The Australian which is owned by News Limited has once again started the Attack on Gillard because the news on Abbott and the Liberal party is not looking good.

News Limited have been DIRTY on the Labor party ever since they won government because News Limited put all there bucks on Abbott winning government which was backed by Murdock which has a  reputation for Biased media reports just to name one FOX NEWS  .

AS Gillard once said about The Australian It would be nice to see more factual news instead of putting opinion story’s on the front pages of all News Limited papers.

And Dont get me started on SKY NEWS which has more Liberal guests then a Liberal convention

The thing News Limited need to learn is people in Australia are not Stupid and I think Abbott is running out of ideas to get in to the Lodge  but The Australian will stop at nothing to make sure it Paints Gillard Negative to give Abbott more momentum.

Sorry to burst your bubble its not working anymore Abbott is dug a massive hole which he will not be able to get out of and Gillard this week in Question time is going to Attack him with great force.

Time will tell be just a warning to News Limited We are watching you