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Posted on February 9, 2011


Well what a week it has been in the Abbott camp from the outside Abbott’s spin doctors are out in force trying to paint to the media that all is fine with in the Abbott camp but some times the Smoke and Mirrors isn’t unuff to hold back some of the Liberal Backbench Mps from leaking to the media how they feel about Abbott as the leader.

Conservative media has tried to help but it seems even News Limited is starting to loose faith in Abbott .

Today Simon Benson from the Daily Telegraph has written this article in his opinion blog which seems to me that someone is leaking to the media .

How long is it before long knives come out for Tony Abbott

Simon Benson

Wednesday, February 09, 2011 at 07:50pm

TONY Abbott’s leadership will survive the immediate test of public opinion.

The important question is whether Abbott will survive the longer term test of his party room.

Plenty of Opposition frontbenchers were out publicly backing Abbott, and rightly so, after his so-called Afghanistan gaffe. So too were Labor ministers.

But there were also plenty of Liberals privately asking whether their leader had finally lost the plot after witnessing his inexplicable rejoinder to the story that exposed it.

It wasn’t his remarks that were the problem. Even the Government recognised that and made sure that all MPs asked about it gave Abbott the benefit of the doubt.

But the party room test demands that the leader of the Opposition at least maintains a sense that they are sane at all times. Abbott’s disturbing reaction failed that test in the eyes of many of his colleagues.

In his defence, it was probably a normal reaction by someone outraged by the inferences being made about his moral character in a setting which prevented him from expressing himself the way he would have liked to – which in this case would have resulted in an unpleasant experience for the reporter.

But it was enough for those moderate Liberal MPs who are already using his brain snap to suggest that he will be challenged after the Budget.

The theory goes that Joe Hockey will be encouraged to put his hand up again and when the party is finally comfortable with a moderate leader, Malcolm Turnbull will step in and take the Coalition to the next election – and win.

Abbott’s so-called Latham moment is already being written into history as the incident that people point back to later when the inevitable challenge to his leadership comes – if indeed one does eventuate.

But it’s not as if it’s the first time that Abbott has fallen foul of his own special idiosyncrasies. And the list is building up.

On Monday, I said that Abbott’s leadership would be the one to watch this year, not Gillard’s. As unpopular as the PM might be, the stability of her leadership owes less to opinion polls and more to the extraordinary political situation that now exists in Australia.

The fate of the Government is bound to her staying in job in a way that has not existed before in Australian politics.

The deal with the independents to form Government in September last year was with Gillard, not Labor.

It stands to reason that if Labor decide to dump Gillard then that deal is off, and the Government could find itself instantly back in opposition, with Abbott as Prime Minister supported by independents.

As bad as Labor’s fortunes may become under her leadership – and under normal circumstances Gillard would not be secure in her job – no one in the Labor caucus has a desire to visit opposition sooner than they have to.

And while this scenario prevails among Labor powerbrokers, any thoughts about moving on Gillard will be kept on ice.

Of course, the moment that Bill Shorten or Greg Combet are caught having lunch with Tony Windsor or Rob Oakeshott, all bets are off.

But in the meantime, discussion of Abbott’s propensity to make himself a story at a time they have the Government on the ropes will continue to trouble his colleagues.

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But the question is how long will the Liberal party faceless men be able to put up with Abbott’s slips ups and if todays question time is any sign that things are not looking good for Camp Abbott then we shall be waiting in the wings to report it to you.