A DONE DEAL – HEALTH , Abbott now upset

Posted on February 13, 2011


Gillard and Labor tonight has won the support of all state leaders in a landmark reform health package including to Liberal state leaders which will upset the Abbott camp tonight.

Abbott has made it clear that this is a backflip but HOW SO when she got two liberal state leaders to sign a deal tonight.

Tony Abbott is a sore looser and he will be running a slogan campaign from tomorrow.

Lets not forget that Abbott was the Health Minster under a Howard Government which took over a Billion dollars out of state health funding.


Prime Minister Julia Gillard has emerged from a tough day of negotiations with state and territory leaders with a national agreement in place on health reform.

After more than seven hours of talks at the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting at Parliament House in Canberra, the leaders finally put pen to paper on a heads of agreement for a health reform plan that Ms Gillard described as a “huge step forward”.

Ms Gillard said with the heads of agreement in place, the technical details would now be worked through.

The Prime Minister said there needs to be further negotiation before the agreement can be finalised, but is hopeful that can be achieved by the middle of the year.

It is understood the deal, which was put forward last week, was held up as the leaders argued over Ms Gillard’s proposed national health funding pool, which the Prime Minister said would boost transparency.

Ms Gillard said leaders have agreed to have one body distribute the money instead of having separate bodies for each State and Territory, and stressed the federal, state and territory governments would now be ‘equal partners in growth’.

Under the new deal, the Federal and State Governments will contribute money into a national funding pool to pay for the health system.

The funds will then be paid out to the states and territories on the basis of how many operations or procedures they perform.

“It [multiple distributing bodies] would have risked over time that information was not truly comparable nationally,” Ms Gillard said.

“As a result of today’s agreement we are sweeping away those eight separate bureaucracies for one national funding body.

“While this has been a very long day, it has been a very successful outcome.

“[We will be] able to ensure hospitals around the nation are transparently and fairly funded and that information between states is truly comparable.”

Now that the deal is done, the states stand to receive more than $16.4 billion extra for their health systems by the end of this decade.

As well as the signed heads of agreement, Ms Gillard also secured a jointly-signed national partnership agreement dealing with targets in emergency departments and elective surgery.

Ms Gillard said many of the elements of the agreement would be implemented from July 1.

Media Sourced : abc.net.au