Abbott is loosing control of his Senior staff

Posted on February 13, 2011


Well once again we have a senior staff member coming out saying he wants Joes Job , Last week it was Bishops job Abbott is now loosing control of his front bench and his back bench.

Its funny how Pyne goes on TV and spins to the media all is fine with in the Liberal Camp but I dont think the media are falling for the spin anymore.

If Gillard gets her levy and Health reform singed it will be the end of Abbott and Joe JUST WATCH THIS SPACE

Opposition frontbencher Andrew Robb says colleague Joe Hockey has his ‘complete support’, despite having aspirations for the treasury role.

In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph, Mr Robb was quoted as having told Mr Hockey, the opposition treasury spokesman: ‘I aspire to your job.’

Mr Robb, the coalition’s finance spokesman and a past deputy leadership aspirant, said in a statement on Sunday the quote related to a ‘cordial discussion’ he had had with Mr Hockey seven months ago.

‘Joe Hockey and (deputy Liberal leader) Julie Bishop are good friends and colleagues of mine,’ Mr Robb said.

‘They both have my complete support in their current roles.’

Mr Robb said the newspaper interview was conducted to discuss his upcoming book on overcoming depression, Black Dog Haze.

‘I have not been leaking, backgrounding, or discussing with colleagues any challenge to any of my colleagues,’ he said.

‘I have a wide range of responsibilities which are both very challenging and satisfying.’

Liberal colleague Christopher Pyne said it was right his colleagues should be ambitious.

‘It would be a strange kind of political world if we did not all have ambition,’ Mr Pyne told the Ten Network.

‘But what is important is focusing on our opposite numbers and working to remove the Labor Party because it is a very poor government.’

Leadership tensions in the Liberal Party surfaced last week with Opposition Leader Tony Abbott forced to publicly express support for his team.

The unrest stemmed from differences with Ms Bishop over a proposal to cut funding for Indonesian schools as part of the coalition’s alternative plan to find budget savings to replace the government’s flood levy.

Mr Pyne, who has previously had a tilt at the deputy role, said Ms Bishop was secure.

‘I not only do not want Julie Bishop’s job but if anybody might think that they want it, they will have to come through me first,’ he said.

‘The leadership team is 100 per cent behind Julie Bishop and Tony Abbott and Eric Abetz and George Brandis, Joe Hockey and me as manager of opposition business.’

Labor frontbencher Nicola Roxon said the coalition was deeply divided.

‘(Mr Abbott) isn’t able to control what’s going on in his show,’ she said.

Meanwhile, independent MP Tony Windsor, who delivered minority government to Labor, said he would not be taking up Mr Abbott’s suggestion of reviewing his support for the Gillard government.

‘I don’t think we really needed Tony’s advice in relation to that. I think he had another motive in mind,’ he said.

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