Tony Abbott’s Probation Period is Up !

Posted on February 15, 2011


Tony Abbott’s job as the leader of the opposition are numbered and as the days and weeks go by the Liberals are starting to fall apart. You don’t need to be biased in reporting the facts on this matter when each day the media are picking up on the in fighting that is with Abbotts Front bench.

Today media has reported that Hockey breaks ranks over shipwreck funerals as the RIGHT of the liberal party have come out slamming the Labor Government for spending tax payers money to pay for the funerals for the deceased of the  Christmas Island shipwreck tragedy.

We must give praise to Mr Hockey for breaking ranks today to show that the centre right of the liberal party do have hearts and are not power-hungry like Abbott is.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott told Melbourne radio station MTR he wants to know why the Government paid for asylum seekers to fly to Sydney for the funerals.

“I’m also curious as to why [relatives] are being flown around the country,” he said.

“I mean, look, [it’s] a terrible tragedy and I think everyone shares the grief of people who have lost loved ones – particularly in these horrible circumstances – but you’re right, it does seem a bit unusual that the Government is flying people to funerals.” Media Sourced

As you can see from Abbotts radio interview today the MAD MONK is back and I can tell you that it’s not doing him any favors as the Faceless men of the Liberal party HQ will be calling for an internal vote on Abbotts future.

John Birmingham from SMH has written an article that sums up my thoughts on Abbott at the moment;

Tony Abbott has sunk to a new low


It’s funny the things we think of as racist, or bigoted, or whatever. Eddie McGuire makes some ill considered, dumbarse crack about “falafel land” in western Sydney and we’re all over him like Hitler’s doppelgänger. Tony Abbott carefully crafts his spending cuts to “pay for” the repair bill arising from Queensland’s recent floods, by punishing little brown men, and we’re like, “meh”. This is in spite of the fact that Abbott’s carefully constructed policy bid was framed to appeal to the worst of our nature by taking money from the foreign aid budget, and specifically from funding support for “Islamist” schools in Indonesia.

It was a screeching dog whistle worthy of John Howard.

And unlike McGuire’s off-the-cuff stupidity, it can be characterised as having been effected with malice aforethought. It’s not just words. It’s money and real world outcomes.

McGuire certainly insulted a few people, hurt their feelings, and exposed himself as a boofhead and an oaf of the first rank. There’s a news flash.

Abbott, however, at least in my opinion, did something much worse. Needing to find an advantage in his ongoing struggle with Julia Gillard over how to pay for natural disasters, he proposed shifting the levers of state power in such a way as to disadvantage a particular group of people on the basis of nationality and religious belief. I think he did so because it was politically expedient. It is so much easier to sell an attack on The Other, especially when The Other is not a million miles removed in most people’s imagination from The Enemy.

In doing so he confirms his lack of fitness for high office, not because he was playing politics – they all do that – but because of the damage this nasty, low brow populist appeal to the mouth-breathing One Nation demographic would do to our national interest.

Australia pours hundreds of millions of dollars into those schools in Indonesia because it is in our interest, not because we are nice people. John Howard, yes, him, decided it was worth spending those hundreds of millions of dollars to negate the influence actual radical, militant Islamists such as Abu Bakr Bashir had over the extensive network of non-government madrassa in Indonesia. Our money builds classrooms, pays for facilities, and keeps teachers on message about the importance of spelling, math, and picking up after yourself in the playground, rather than pimping out Bashir’s favoured message about the need to crush the infidel underfoot.

That is why partly Julie Bishop freaked when she discovered what he wanted to do. It is why not a single commentator from the strategic policy community has come out in favour of his plan. And it is why Tony Abbott is unfit to be prime minister.

Over to you, Malcom Turnbull.

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