Menzies House disrespects the Australian Public, again.

Posted on February 20, 2011

1 once again disrespects Australian values with its Hard Right wing conservative blog that was set up by a Senior Liberal MP. (LIBERAL senator Cory Bernardi)

Its been a very bad week for the website Menzieshouse with its so called article that was written by a senior Liberal MP about Joe Hockey which it took down after it got rubbished in the media for its American Style Conservative views on how Australian Politics work.

And today I have been sent a few emails of this blog about an short article written about how the current Government are trying to promote Respect in our Country :

Government disrespects taxpayers, again.

Visit this website to view the Australian Goverment’s campaign to promote ‘respect’.  Is this the most nauseating government advertising campaign ever?

Never forget, we pay for this rubbish.

(Hat tip to Tom)

(JS) Media Sourced :

Yes views the Menzies house website and founders are promoting HATE , Racism , and also they want the DEATH penalty brought  in to Australia YES thats what the Menzies house want and IF ABBOTT ever got to be PM (WHICH HE WILL NOT) he has Core values just like the red necks at Menzies House.

A HEALTH WARNING … to any one that clicks a link on YOU may feel sick , dizzey , Heart troubles , you may have a feeling to smash your computer after reading the website.

is this the most nauseating government advertising campaign ever?

Yes and the editor thinks that Respect is very nauseating mmmmm what shock horror from the red necks at Menzie house a home for red necks and right wing spin doctors to meet on a daily bases.