Barry O’Farrell Abbotts twin – The Wrecker

Posted on February 22, 2011


Barry has taken a leaf out of Abbott’s book this week with Wreck everything be negative , Look after the middle class and Christian family’s and forget about the poor and singles and de-facto  relationships.

Do not be fooled by this man and the NSW State Liberal party just because Labor has been in government for 16 years and has made some mistakes doesn’t mean you punish your local labor member that may of done some good for your area.

But im not going to do I told you so moment if Barry gets in he will be under the orders of Tony Abbott and our state will get  no funding from the commonwealth because of his negativity.

Now the libs want to take the fun out of NSW whats next he will Cancel the NYE fireworks

THE V8 Supercar championship at Olympic Park will be axed by the NSW Opposition once it wins government, the local Liberal candidate said.

In a move that has alarmed V8 organisers, the candidate for Auburn Ned Attie told the Save Olympic Park No V8s committee they would scrap the Homebush Bay event.

And in all likelihood the event would be lost to Sydney for good, a source from the sport said yesterday.

“The only reason we came back to NSW was to do the event at Homebush, otherwise we wouldn’t be here,” the insider said. “It’s almost ludicrous. It’s not even remotely on. That would be a massive backward step for Sydney and for NSW and for us.”

Despite years of work to get it to Olympic Park and the race attracting a record 150,000 people last year, Mr Attie said the Sydney Telstra 500 should be shunted to Eastern Creek – a venue at which it was almost irrelevant in years past and attracted just 26,000 fans.

“We’re in favour of the relocation of the event and will work with [V8 Supercars Australia] and Eastern Creek Raceway to achieve the final outcome,” Mr Attie said in comments on the official Liberal Party website that have since been buried.

The Auburn councillor praised “the great work done by the Save Olympic Park No V8s Committee in draw[ing] attention to the problems with the Labor Government’s contract with V8 Supercars Australia”.

The move could happen as early as 2013 and Mr Attie expressed frustration it couldn’t be done even sooner.

The Homebush Bay precinct is in Auburn and is close to other key seats such as Drummoyne, which Liberals hope to win from Labor with Green voter help, the newly-Liberal seat of Ryde and the once almost impregnable but now vulnerable Labor stronghold of Parramatta.

Opposition Leader Barry O’Farrell refused to commit to government funding for the event and has not mentioned it in the Liberals’ major events policy. He also said before the first race in 2009: “It makes no sense to have this race at Homebush”.

Tourism Minister Jodi McKay said a move would put millions of dollars and the event “under direct threat”.

“Barry O’Farrell wants to put an end to a NSW event that attracts more than 150,000 fans, hosts world renowned music acts and is beamed live to more than 110 countries – surely he cannot be serious.”

The V8s race is a key part of a stellar sporting month in Sydney, alongside the Australian Open golf and it has attracted tens of thousands of interstate and international visitors in its first three years and is expected to inject up to $86 million into the NSW economy over five years.

But Mr Attie was scathing of it, saying: “Unfortunately, NSW Labor has signed NSW taxpayers up to this rotten deal until the end of 2013. Re-location before 2013 is at the discretion of V8SA. If we’re successful in coming to office, a NSW Liberals and Nationals Government would better manage any future negotiations with V8SA (and major events in general).” Mr Attie also indicated a Liberal Government would cut off funding for the event, saying: “We continue to support motor racing in NSW and will advocate for any major events that will help boost the NSW economy but not at the expense of NSW taxpayers and local residents.”

The Liberal MP for Ryde Victor Dominello has also said: “I think the decision to move the V8s to Homebush is just crazy.”

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