News Limited’s Tabloids Blog guru Andrew Bolt in bed with Menzies House !

Posted on February 26, 2011


Andrew Bolt “writes for Melbourne’s Herald Sun, Sydney’s Daily Telegraph and Adelaide’s Advertiser. He runs Australia’s most-read political blog, and appears on Channel 9, ABC TV’s Insiders and MTR 1377, 8am each weekday”

Andrew Bolt is News Limited’s version of Alan Jones a mouth piece for the hard right Liberal Conservatives under Abbott and his followers.

I have noticed over the weekend that The Menzies House Conservative website have setup a new website and petition to say no to Gillard’s Carbon Tax but it only had around 300 signatures before Andrew Bolt added the link to his Blog on News Limiteds website  Melbourne’s Herald Sun.

I have notice they dont have a Compliance disclaimer telling readers of Andrew Bolts Blog that his opinions dont represent News Limiteds or the editors views ?

“Sadly it’s what we expect from Andrew Bolt. Afterall it was him who, in 2008, reported the tragic death of a baby under the headline “Planet saved, baby dead” just because the baby was found in a green shopping bag. Outrageous!!” Link

Today the petition has over 3000 signatures and how funny this happened ever since Bolt added it to his BLOG .

Should News Limited step in and not allow this ?

We have sent a email to the Herald  Sun for a comment we will let you know