News Limited Andrew Bolt causes ABC’s Switch Board to run Hot -Insiders

Posted on March 13, 2011


News Limited Andrew Bolt was a guest on ABC top political chat show today with host Barrie Cassidy.

I turned to the show as I do every Sunday but to my surprise each guest was a News Limited employee and it sounded more like a Abbott party room meeting then a chat show about the Sunday papers.

Andrew Bolt tho stood out the most with his anti HATE comments towards the labor party in general he would not stop ranting with his shock jock comments and un educated views on all the topics he was asked.

A source has told me today that the ABC switch board was running hot only 10 mins in to the show with complaints coming in via Facebook , Twitter , Email , Phone.

So then I headed over to Bolts so called blog on News Limiteds Herald site and what did I find well Bolt was laughing all the way to his car from the ABC studios.

Exit, laughing


I did have fun this morning, but others were choking with rage. The ABC switchboard is busy, dealing with people like viewer Steve:

I am a reasonably articulate person with a fairly “centre” political perspective.

But regarding your performance on Insiders just now, words fail me.

Here are some that come to mind:

ideologue, biased, bigotted, vitriolic, unpleasant, poisonous, destructive, unfair, own agenda, plain over the top, journalist impersonator, a fraud, a fake, etc etc etc ………… and sadly predictable in regard to all of these.

You used the phrase “a joke” several times. You are a joke, a caricature of yourself.

On the other hand, viewer David:

To watch your obvious delight at those three attempting to defend Julia Gillard and the comedy entitled, The A.L.P.” on the Insiders program this morning had me in stitches. From Rogue Kevin, The Carbon Tax, Christine Milne and Tony Windsor’s view of the World have all surely been sourced directly from an Australian version of Monty Python.

Like you, I await the Media to ask that obvious question:- “How Much Will the World’s Temperature Fall with this New Carbon Tax”. One thing we all know of course is, Pelicans and Australian Power Companies do have one thing in common…they can stick their Bills Up Their A…”.

I must admit I was laughing out loud as walked from the studio to my car. You see, if you didn’t laugh at this government, you would cry.

Be clear here: I don’t suggest that Insiders today has killed off Julia Gillard’s leadership. Rather, it’s a marker of her end.

UPDATE Reader Andrewe:

Gillard on skynews now talking about Japan. 10,000 dead and not a tear, its just lucky they werent landing on the moon because she would hardly be able to get a word out.

Sourced News Limited


So what can we all do about this pathetic shock jock well you can give feed back to Barry direct on his website


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