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News Limited’s Tabloids Blog guru Andrew Bolt in bed with Menzies House !

February 26, 2011


Andrew Bolt “writes for Melbourne’s Herald Sun, Sydney’s Daily Telegraph and Adelaide’s Advertiser. He runs Australia’s most-read political blog, and appears on Channel 9, ABC TV’s Insiders and MTR 1377, 8am each weekday” Andrew Bolt is News Limited’s version of Alan Jones a mouth piece for the hard right Liberal Conservatives under Abbott and his followers. I have […]

We Say YES to Gillards Carbon Tax – FIGHT BACK

February 25, 2011


Dear Fans and Friends   AS you all know by now that Gillard has announced that she will want to Price Carbon in the next year but as we also know that this issue has brought down a Prime Minster and a Opposition leader LETS NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES lets make sure we all get behind Gillard […]

A DONE DEAL – HEALTH , Abbott now upset

February 13, 2011


Gillard and Labor tonight has won the support of all state leaders in a landmark reform health package including to Liberal state leaders which will upset the Abbott camp tonight. Abbott has made it clear that this is a backflip but HOW SO when she got two liberal state leaders to sign a deal tonight. Tony Abbott is a […]

The UN-Australian Newspaper AKA The Australian Attack

February 6, 2011


Dennis Shanahan, Political editor At The Australian today has written an opinion peace which has been placed on The Australian Website on the top of the website which mainly factual articles should be !!! is now saying that Gillard will DUMP the NBN ‘ wishful thinking Dennis ‘ As the Media over the weekend are […]

Abbott’s approval drops (36%, down 3%)

February 5, 2011


The First Poll is in and voters tell Abbott what they really think of his negative attack on EVERYTHING and it seems that its not doing his party or his job any favors according to a special Morgan poll Prime Minister Julia Gillard is still preferred as Prime Minister (49%, up 3% since December 8-12, 2010) over Opposition Leader Tony Abbott […]

The Australian Labor Party has been returned to office 07 Sep 2010

September 7, 2010


The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, says her minority government will be held to higher standards of accountability as a result of the deal struck with the independents. Ms Gillard thanked all of the independents, including Bob Katter who decided to back the Coalition, for the “tone and tenor” of their negotiations. She had no inkling […]

Sign this petition to make sure Tony Abbott does not become PM

August 28, 2010


As you all know by now that we have a Hung Parliament in Australia its down to 4 independents that will choose who will be the Prime Minster of Australia in a weeks time. But we can not sit by while the bias media and news poll companies bully the 4 independents in to making sure that Tony Abbott becomes PM We can […]