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  1. Tony is far too Churchie for us AUSSIES…when i was a kid i did not know if GOUGH went to church or not…cant remember HAWKE OR KEATING either….Why does he feel he has to follow the yanks…combining the church..( in this case the Catholics)…with politics???. The world is a fast vibrant living thing…so are we….our young ones live in a great country..but try telling the youth of today tolay off sex go and register with a government department declare a thing called “marriage”…then you both are free..because Tony will be thrilled with your gov cert; to go make love….lets all get with the times…the times do not need 2000 year old bible to run our great country…WE need a leader committed to us not working for the Vatican…mother of many…


  2. Kate Ingleton

    August 2, 2010

    Liberal Party have told a young student friend of mine who gets paid to distribute advertising leaflets, to ignore “No Junk Mail” signs on letter boxes. Pretty sure it’s illegal in every state for anyone but Australia Post to put stuff in Letterboxes with a no junk mail sign… I was told this by someone from Aust Post.. Can anyone verify this?


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