Abbott and the RIGHT on climate change

February 26, 2011


Tony Abbott is so out of touch he said the argument on Climate Change is “absolute crap”. 1. Tony Abbott said climate change is “absolute crap”. “The argument [on climate change] is absolute crap.” SOURCE: THE AUSTRALIAN, 12 DECEMBER 2009. To view the full article click here. “We can’t conclusively say whether man-made carbon dioxide […]

We Say YES to Gillards Carbon Tax – FIGHT BACK

February 25, 2011


Dear Fans and Friends   AS you all know by now that Gillard has announced that she will want to Price Carbon in the next year but as we also know that this issue has brought down a Prime Minster and a Opposition leader LETS NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKES lets make sure we all get behind Gillard […]

Barry O’Farrell Abbotts twin – The Wrecker

February 22, 2011


Barry has taken a leaf out of Abbott’s book this week with Wreck everything be negative , Look after the middle class and Christian family’s and forget about the poor and singles and de-facto  relationships. Do not be fooled by this man and the NSW State Liberal party just because Labor has been in government […]

Menzies House disrespects the Australian Public, again.

February 20, 2011

1 once again disrespects Australian values with its Hard Right wing conservative blog that was set up by a Senior Liberal MP. (LIBERAL senator Cory Bernardi) Its been a very bad week for the website Menzieshouse with its so called article that was written by a senior Liberal MP about Joe Hockey which it took down after it got rubbished in the […]

Abbott is in bed with One Nation

February 17, 2011


ABBOTT THE PAST IS COMING BACK TO HIT YOU IN THE ASS ” Shit Happens ” According to a report in The Australian of 23 August, 2003 , Federal Liberal Party heavyweight Tony Abbott offered money and support to former One Nation member Terry Sharples to help destroy Pauline Hanson. Their conspiracy resulted in the fraud charges and […]

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Tony Abbott’s Probation Period is Up !

February 15, 2011


Tony Abbott’s job as the leader of the opposition are numbered and as the days and weeks go by the Liberals are starting to fall apart. You don’t need to be biased in reporting the facts on this matter when each day the media are picking up on the in fighting that is with Abbotts Front bench. Today media has […]

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Why is Andrew Bolt so angry ? Conservative much !

February 14, 2011


Andrew Bolt “writes for Melbourne’s Herald Sun, Sydney’s Daily Telegraph and Adelaide’s Advertiser. He runs Australia’s most-read political blog, and appears on Channel 9, ABC TV’s Insiders and MTR 1377, 8am each weekday” Why is Andrew Bolt so angry ? Well I had to get to the bottom of this and my investigation was very […]

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